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Welcome to Adams Agricultural Machinery Inc. -

Established by Bobby Adams, president/CEO. 

Our company has nut processing machinery for all your needs, and specializes in buying, selling,
and refurbishing new and pre-owned nut processing equipment for  peanuts, pecans, peanutbutter,
sunflower seeds, coffee beans, pumpkin seeds, and other types of nut related products. We service,
repair, and refurbish dry and oil roasters, nut blanchers, chillers, conveyors, elevators, votators, 
can seamers, dust collectors, mixers, pecan shellers, and crackers, inspection tables, tanks,
packaging equipment, and other types of nut or snack related equipment.
We refurbuish pre-owned equipment to return it to like-new condition. We have complete machining
and fabricating capabilities with the tools and trained personnel to do the type of precision machine
work and metal fabrication required to refurbish this type of equipment.  A listing of our nut processing
equipment is on our "Food Processing Machinery and Parts" page. We also have industrial equipment
available, such as bearings,  hydraulic pumps, electric hoists, and dust collection systems,
which are listed on our "Industrial Machinery" page. If you have any questions or would
like more information please e-mail us at

Thank you in advance for allowing us to meet your nut processing needs.

Adams Agricultural Machinery Inc.

Visit our Ebay store which contains some of our smaller inventory items to view and buy. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact our shop so we can best serve your needs. 

Adams Agricultural Machinery Inc.
PO. Box 1684
Albany Ga. 31702
Aim: AdamsAgMachine